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Satellite Installation Services

Freesat - What Does Freesat TV Offer?

Freesat satellite channels bring you over 140 great digital TV and radio channels. Favourites like BBC Three, BBC Four, ITV2, ITV3, More 4 and Film Four are all yours, with no contract and no monthly bills.

Plus Freesat offers up to 70 hours a week of HD from the BBC and ITV at no extra cost.

Freesat was set up to ensure that everyone can access the best of free digital TV, no matter where they live in the UK. freesat is a not-for-profit company owned by the nation's two most popular broadcasters, the BBC and ITV. In reception areas that can not get normal TV aerial reception, then Freesat is often a very good choice, guaranteeing great TV reception.

One of the most appealing features of the new BBC & ITV freesat HD system, is not just the fantastic channel line up already in place and to come in 2009, neither is it the free channels with no subscription or monthly payments, but it is the offering of HD picture viewing technology on its range of channels, direct to your television, ALL COMPLETELY FREE.

High Definition provides up to 5 times greater picture quality than standard definition, with more vibrant colours and much finer detail. You will also benefit from improved audio, with some programmes being available in Dolby Digital Surround Sound as well.

Providing you have a HD compatible television, and a Digital TV freesat HD receiver, you will benefit from the channel line up in glorious High Definition (HD), providing greater, sharper and much more detailed pictures and vibrant colours.

Sky Installation

Sky installation service available from McEwan Aerials. Our fully qualified installers can deal with any SKY service you require, from a full install to any small problems you may be receiving. Give us a call today to discuss your SKY installation requirements.

Sky Digital has the most amount of TV channels available, more than any other digital platform, with more than 98% coverage in the UK. So its no wonder SKY digital can be found in most UK homes.

To receive Sky Digital, all you need is a small satellite dish installed at your house, which can be fitted indiscreetly and you will also require a digital set top box. What ever your sky needs or requirments you can be sure to get the best service from Aerials & CCTV.

Sky, Sky+, SkyHD, Freesat installers in Sheffield, Worksop, Doncaster, Rotherham & South Yorkshire.

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